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DigitalScirocco Intro – Main

What is it?

DigitalScirocco (DS) is a combination of patented technologies and years of big data experience combined to generate value through creating connections between your content and product channels. It uses cutting edge machine learning and behavioural modelling to optimise these links.

Used by some of the leading brands in retail and publishing, DS is unlike anything on the market today.

How does it work?

DS consists of a unique semantic engine that is able to understand any content on your site through an ever-evolving database of more than six million semantic concepts. DS utilises this understanding in combination with your site visitor’s real time behaviour to create a contextual understanding that allows content and product to be intertwined to engage and convert your website audience throughout their journey through your website.

DS goes beyond a traditional recommendations engine by integrating all your digital content channels – products, blogs, forums, guides, how-to’s, etc.

DS will inject relevant, personalised content and/or products into “presentation widgets” hosted on defined pages across your website for each individual site visitor. The content and/or products injected will directly reflect the content and/or products they have engaged with as well as their overall behaviour across the site. Our focus is to preempt the intent of the visitor and present the most relevant content in real time for that session.

What are the benefits?

This coordination of contentproduct and people (behaviour) is designed to maximise desired outcomes, whether that is conversion to purchase, keeping people on your site while validating a choice or even driving traffic from your content pages to relevant product pages where the journey can be continued through to basket.

Installation can be as simple as a single line of JavaScript, and impact on traffic, engagement and conversion can be experienced immediately.

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DS Use Case Retail Introduction

Retail Use Case


Content is predominantly used as a key tool in acquisition strategies (SEO, Affiliate Marketing, etc.) There is a limitation though to its effect on the overall customer journey, especially in its impact to drive conversions.

Predominantly this is because one of the key purchase stages, validation, often happens in environments away from your sales funnel.

DS allows you to close this gap and link your content to your products. It does this by either presenting products in your content sections, which are both relevant to the content on the page and the behaviour of your website visitor, or by presenting content on the product page, amongst others, to support the purchase.

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DS Publishing

Publishing Use Case


Publishing has undergone a massive change in recent years with the advent of online content consumption. More and more publishers have embraced the opportunity that online brings and are exploring increasingly innovative ways to monetise their content. A major contributor to this monetisation is to consider ways in which on-site engagement can be increased.

DS has a number of use cases for both monetisation and increasing engagement. For those advanced publishers who have also opened retail channels we can link products from their retail store to the content on their brand pages. This allows your content to be used as the main vehicle to drive traffic through to your store. In such scenarios DS can deliver a measured and considerable increase in click through rate from content pages to store pages.

Conversely, we can select and inject the content that is most relevant to both the site visitor and the product they are engaging with, on to the product pages.

In addition we are able to increase on-site engagement by suggesting content from your site that is both relevant to the areas of interest of the individual site visitor and the content they are engaging with during their session.